Medway College of Design Catalogue Online

The Medway College of Design Catalogue is accessible here at

The Medway College of Design was one of the predecessors to the Kent Institute of Art and Design, and now is Rochester Campus of the University for the Creative Arts. The institute dates from 1853, and dealt with courses regarding design, including art, and fashion, fashion and design being one of Rochester’s specialities today.

The archive dates from 1928 and contains

  • Student fashion shows
  • Press cuttings
  • Student art sketch books from1951-1962
  • Student fashion exam book, 1966, with examples of cotton, wool and silk

Uses can be seen in the subject guides, including Medway local historyart and design, fashion and local architecture


2 thoughts on “Medway College of Design Catalogue Online

  1. I went to Medway from September 1957 to July 1959 for my NDD Illustration following the closure of Gravesend School of Art and remember Zandra Rhodes and her mother well. Her mother was teaching at Gravesend whilst I was there for two years for the Intermediate Certificate; she was a bit of a character, always dressed in black with a cigarette permanently in her mouth, but she was an inspiration for her students.
    Regarding the above photo of the Medway, I think I have an almost indentical all pen and ink in one of several sketch books.that I have kept!
    I spent my career in graphics for exhibitions, print, illustration and photography and upon retirement retired to Brittany (my wife is Breton), and I’m now an active member of a photographic association in Lorient and regularly exhibit. I have just discovered this site and would be glad to have news from anyone who was with me at Rochester back in 1957-1959!
    Roger Durban, Larmor-Plage, France

  2. I too went to the college from 1957 to 1960. Studying window display. I then went on to working in a Regent Street store. I loved my college days at Medway College of Art, and would love to hear from anyone else who was a student at that time. Rosemary Peck
    ( nee Barton )

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