Monthly update on project progression


Farnham School of Art catalogue can now be accessed online

Further appraisal is ongoing on UCA’s photographic collection, produced by the marketing department

Medway College of Design catalogue has been submitted to Archives Hub

Maidstone College of Art archive has been catalogued in full and will shortly be submitted to Archives Hub



Re-boxing is nearly complete. Book rests and exhibition material will shortly be ordered. Preservation and handling workshops have been arranged throughout all campuses

PD5454 archival standards workshop attended


Archival guidelines and policies

Special Collections Policy has been submitted to Collections Working Group for final approval. Work ongoing on  preservation policy research. PD5454 to be factored in


Staff and student outreach

Post doctoral student to visit Epsom Archive on December 14th

Talks ongoing with Fine Art (BA) at Canterbury to use collections in course. Further meeting to be arranged after planning course

Meeting to be arranged with MA Curation in new year


Internal exhibitions

Student protest physical images up at Rochester and Canterbury. Good feedback from Canterbury open day. Digital images also online

Talks ongoing over library having permanent campus space at Farnham and Epsom – Farnham space booked for February

LGBT month (February)- displays for all campuses

Travelling exhibition – first part successful! – interest from Farnham student



UCA Archives to present with Rebecca Andrews, UCA graduate, at LGBT conference, 16th February



Meetings arranged at Eastgate House regarding potential funding bids

Meeting arranged with Kent History Centre regarding LGBT display in March


Billboard Project

Tessa Boffin, Cross dressing project, based on the Jennifer Saunders case. Woman accused of raping females, while pretending to be a man






Travelling Exhibition

UCA Library is undertaking  a travelling exhibition of material from our special collections throughout all the campuses

Rochester is sending out 1950s prospectuses and student sketchbooks from the 1950s specialising in a variety of art and design. They are interesting for the history of  Medway College of Design, history of Art classes, including graphic design work, lithography, cut wood engraving, lettering, fabric printing and trends and popularity in art and design in the 1950s

At Farnham 26th November – 7th January

At Maidstone 7th January-4th February

At Epsom 4th February-4th March

At Canterbury 4th March – 1 April


Rochester Student Sketchbook


Maidstone is sending a selection of material from the Tessa Boffin Archive and Personal Library


Tessa Boffin, was an 1980s photographer, specialising in sex and sexual fantasy


1)    Technical Photography Instruction, 1984

This include instructions for working with film photography in the 1980s and information regarding how Boffin would portray different adverts.

 2)    Income Book, 1991-1992

Income and expenditure book relating to what items she required for photography, exhibition space required and petty expenses

 3)    Coursework Book, 1985-1986

Contains notes and photocopies of photographs relating to The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune: AIDS and the Body Politic and Next…Quarantine The Disease of the Soul/Panic. Includes images of newspaper articles in the 1980s relating to AIDS and safe sex, and lesbianism, images from Derek Jahrman, religious imagery, and her own handwritten notes

 4)    Photography prints related to her work The Slings and Arrow of Outrageous Fortune: AIDS and the Body Politic, helping highlight perceptions towards AIDS in the 1980s

 5)    Postcard from Marc Almond, from Soft Cell, 1980s

A letter from Marc Almond, with an image of him on the front, agreeing to pose for Tessa Boffin

 6)    A selection of books from her personal library, some annotated and one with a letter, providing context to her work

At Epsom 26th November – 7th January

At Canterbury 7th January – 14th February

At Rochester 14th February -4th March

At Farnham 4th March – 1st April


Coursework regarding her AIDS work

Canterbury is sending Canterbury Architectural Student Association Journals


Provides information on…


Graphic Design and drawings

Visual images from the 1940s, and drawings of buildings inside journals

Reports on historical architecture, including Roman architecture

Kent and England architecture

  • Includes some drawings/sketches

Architecture in Kent from the 1940s-1960s

‘As a college we are singularly insensitive to our environment. Over the past few years we have seen the systematic murder of that whole area of this city between Burgate Street and George’s Street‘ (CASA 1960s)

Family history

  • Student reports detail students and lecturers names

Student Activity

  • Information on the Student Union
  • Reports of student trips, and activities, including reports on architecture abroad
  • Reports of student sport and social activities
  • ‘On Saturday…1947… a group of… students congregated at ‘Georges’ to consume a flagon of “pig’s ear”‘ (CASA 1948)
  • Visits to exhibitions
  • Creative writing regarding architecture, and other works from students


At Rochester 26th November – 7th January

At Farnham 7th January – 4th February

At Maidstone 4th February – 4th March

At Epsom 4th March-1 April


CASA 1957


Farnham is sending Guildford School of Art Photography, and Book binding and Printing Prospectuses

Provides Information on

–         History of Art Schools

–         History of the Guildford School of Art

–         History of Photography, Bookbinding and Printing

–         Graphic Design and Art interest with visual covers

At Maidstone 26th November-4th January

At Epsom 4th January – 7th February

At Canterbury 4th February – 4th March

At Rochester 4th March -1 April

Epsom is sending prospectuses from the Epsom and Ewell School of Art and Technical Institute, 1930s onwards

Provides information on

–         History of Art Schools

–         History of the Epsom School of Art and Technical Institute

–         History of Art School classes including Art and Design, Architecture, Women’s Crafts

–         Graphic Design and Art interest with visual covers

At Canterbury 26th November – 7th January

At Rochester 7th January – 4th February

At Farnham 4th February – 7th March

At Maidstone 7th March – 1 April

Epsom prospectuses from 1925



Student Protest and Student Activity Exhibition

The University for the Creative Arts Library and Archives has undertaken an online and physical (at Rochester and Canterbury campuses) exhibition of student protest and student activity through the decades (approximately 1950s to the present day) for the Student Union’s 40th anniversary, and in celebration of student activism.

The online exhibition is available here

The exhibition is on-going and will be regularly added to throughout the year. We would welcome any donations or loans from students and staff or ex-staff at any period in the University for the Creative Arts history

The online exhibition showcases student protest, including the minutes of the Guildford School of Art sit in protest both from the students, who were protesting against the quality of art teaching, and the lack of student control, and minutes from the governors,

A young Jack Straw was also involved  

In his autobiography Last Man Standing: Memoirs of a Political Survivor (Chapter 3, Respected but Not Respectable  Macmillan, 2012)he mentions the following about his time at the NUS (p.74) :

 My first six months at the NUS were uncomfortable. I was an intruder. I had stood up against the successful candidate, Trevor Fisk, and was now his deputy. I was given marginal responsibilities, like art colleges, in the hope I’d get bored and go away, but suddenly the art schools erupted. There were long occupations at colleges like Hornsey and Guildford colleges of art. I had something useful to do, and also developed firm friendships with some of those involved, like Kim Howells, later MP for Pontypridd and a fellow Foreign Office minister, and Kate Hoey, later MP for Vauxhall and minister for sport.

The following links are useful for information regarding the Guildford School of Art

For those interested in student protest UCA also has books regarding the Hornsey Art Protest alongside the same dates as Guildford School of Art

THE HORNSEY AFFAIR, by students and staff of Hornsey College of Art. Penguin, 1969. 707.11 HOR Canterbury Library

Tickner, Lisa. Hornsey 1968 : the art school revolution. Frances Lincoln, 2008. 700.1142188 TIC Farnham Library 700.71142 TIC Maidstone Library

Piper, David Warren. After Hornsey. Davis-Poynter, 1973. 707 PIP Farnham Library

 The online exhibition also showcases photographs of a drawing protest held in Trafalgar Square against the forming of the Kent Institute of Art and Design in the 1980s, loaned by retired lecturer Robin Sewell, showung members of our staff, then students.

Protest against the forming of the Kent Institute for Art and Design, 1980s

The exhibition also includes student union statements from prospectuses throughout the ages, which highlights how they perceived themselves, and how they were perceived by various bodies

Rochester Campus Cafe currently hosts newspaper images regarding student protest throughout the decades, and images will shortly be up within the library

Canterbury Campus will have images of student activity and protest from the 1950s within the reception area around November 23rd, 2012

Graphic Design and School of Printing Donation, from Maidstone College of Art

UCA Archives has received a donation from a student, Adrian Pearman, who was  in the School of Printing at the Maidstone College of Art in the 1960s. These images will be of particular interest from a graphic design perspective.  This material is currently being catalogued under the Maidstone College of Art Archive, and is currently available at UCA Maidstone Campus. It includes examples of typography, including letraset

Below are examples of book illustrations produced

Design and Drawing, letra set book illustrations

Space-man book illustrations

Work produced included a co-operate identity project (below) for a diploma show, Maidstone District. This included bus timetables, memo, letterheads, and brochures



  Also included is the award winning handprinted Decimal Currency Project, a prize awarded by the British Federation of Masters Printers.  


  Another example includes an example of a fictional boutique, His and Hers. At a time where colours were very subtle, the bright colours were very stand out for the time. 

November Rare Book of the Month

Starting to getting in the festive mood? Celebrate Christmas even earlier (as seems to be the general form!) with UCA’s November rare book of the month, The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain: A Fancy for Christmas-Time, by Charles Dickens
This review can be accessed here and can physically be accessed at Maidstone Campus, at the University for the Creative Arts
Containing images by John Tenneil (1820-1914), illustrator and political cartoonist, this will be of particular interest to illustration and Graphic Design students

Archive of the Month, November 2012

Art Schools in war time, Epsom School of Art, October 1939

November’s Archive of the Month is a war time letter from the Epsom and Ewell School of Art Archive, which highlights the fate of art schools, and courses taught during war time. This can be accessed here

The full catalogue can be accessed here

The history of  creative arts education subject guide can be accessed here