Archive and Rare Book of the Month, February 2013

Old Dutch Town and Villages, 1901 Old Dutch Town and Villages, 1901

Rare Book of the Month

February’s Rare Book of the Month is Old Dutch Towns and Villages of the Zuiderzee, 1901. With decorative woodcuts, zincograph reproductions and architectural references this will be of interest to interest to architects, fine artists, printers and historians alike. To access the rare book and previous rare books see It is currently located in Farnham Library.

Archive of the Month

The Sailor and the Showgirl Project, Tessa Boffin Archive Reference BOFF/1/2/1

The ‘Sailor and Showgirl’ is a photography project regarding safe sex, cross dressing, and playing around with gender roles.

The project is one where a ‘sailor’ (seeming to be a woman dressed as a man), propositions a ‘showgirl’, but the showgirl makes it very clear that the use of condoms must take place. This is significant as the 1980s saw the advancement of AIDS, very new and frightening.

Photographs of the project, paper drawn strips, and captions detail the story of the Sailor and Showgirl, with evocative and strong language. Handwritten and printed captions also tell of a work in progress

The Tessa Boffin Archive can be accessed at Maidstone Campus


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