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School of Printing, (Graphic Design)

Maidstone School of Art

Adrian Pearman, 1960s, Student Profile
Adrian Pearman was a student in the 1960s at Maidstone at College of Art in the School of Printing. Adrian went on to have a career in Design.

We have examples of his work here from the 1960s, including:

A co-operate identity project for a diploma show, Maidstone District. This included bus timetables, memo, letterheads, and brochures.
A fictional boutique, His and Hers. At a time where colours were very subtle, the bright colours were very stand out for the time.
The award winning handprinted Decimal Currency Project, a prize awarded by the British Federation of Masters Printers.

Images can be seen in our Archive of the Month, April 2013, and in the blog link

His and Hers Boutique

His and Hers Boutique

School of Printing – Medway College of Design, Maidstone School of Art, Canterbury School of Art

UCA has printing press books from the 1940s (before the age of computers!) produced by students at Medway, Maidstone, and Canterbury Schools of Printing through their merger to the Kent Institute of Art and Design. These books explore Graphic Design and Typography through these schools, helping to also chart the development of the curriculum, and providing context to external Graphic Design courses in the wider world. The quality and texture of paper is also noticeable

Below are two rare book of the month reviews looking at Medway’s and Maidstone’s printing press books

July Rare Book of the Month

May Rare Book of the Month


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