Explore Your Archive Workshop

On the 31st July Hilary Wicks, Epsom Manager, attended the Explore your Archive Workshop on Wednesday 31st July 2013

Explore your Archive – The Campaign, was developed by the Archives and Records Association
The campaign covers the UK and Ireland, and there is an emphasis on celebrating diversity

Although the campaign will start on the 16th November the campaign starts there is no end date

Themes include exploring:

• The adventure of it
• The story each user goes through
• Ways and items to inspire everyone

Posters will be available to download as well as images for stickers and button badges

Story boxes

• Look at what we have got and is in our collection
• Does the content appeal to someone who doesn’t know archives very well

Measures of Success could include

• The number of archives taking part
• Increase in footfall
• Media coverage
• Visible champions
• Feel good factor in the sector
• Public awareness and support

Outstanding Timeline

August – More posters, artwork and stickers to be made available to download
Production of badges
National planning
ARA Conference

The main place to get information will be The National Archive site and delegates are encouraged to be involved with sharing ideas on the community pages.

A hashtag has been created for the campaign #explorearchives


The National Archives

What are The National Archives doing for the campaign?

Theme is going to be ‘Secrets, scandals and lies’

Think about how going to present storyboxes and what will go in them

• High quality digital scans
• Online storyboxes
• Workshops where people can sign up and take the time to look through the actual material themselves

• There will be a section on the website that links to Twitter
• Links to images
• The website will be hosted by the National Archives but will be specially branded for the campaign

Social Media Ideas

• Digitise your images
• Do live tweets from a particular historical timeframe
• Tweet as a historical individual
• Tweet extracts from diaries
• Blog
• Sounds – could use audiobook
• Portray what is in your storyboxes online
• Video – capture reaction to storyboxes
• Vine – This is a new mobile app owned by Twitter that enables users to create and post video clips
• Put longer videos on youtube

Discuss ideas on the online community forums.

Events ideas

• Behind the scenes at archives
• Anniversaries
• Completion of projects and opening of buildings
• Feature on users
• Competitions
• Objects (unusual or different)


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