Cross Dressing Talks and Exhibition, Kent History Centre, LGBT Month February 2014

Through LGBT month, February 2014, a series of talks on the history of cross dressing will be held at the Kent History Centre, including on Lady Hester Stanhope (6th February), the photographer Tessa Boffin (13th February) ( and Cross dressing in Shakespeare’s England (20th February)

Cross dressing talks poster, KHLC

All talks are free but booking is advised. Contact Elizabeth Taylor on

This is to compliment a collaborative cross dressing through the ages exhibition by Kent History and Library Centre and the University for the Creative Arts. UCA will be exhibiting the 1980s-1990s LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) photographic work of Tessa Boffin, who undertook work around AIDS, and cross dressing.

Tessa boffin

Above, Tessa Boffin photography on herself cross dressing, posing as different figures, man women, or all together genderless. Tessa Boffin archive is held at UCA Maidstone.


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