Researching the Collection


The catalogue is beginning to take shape with the majority of the historical context and basic descriptions of the different animation films in place.  Researching each title has been immensely interesting and sometimes challenging.  Some of the lesser known animations have proved hard to source background information for but we have been able to enlist the help of volunteers to carry out further research and identification. 

For historical context of well-known titles such as Henry’s Cat the internet is a valuable tool for research on background information through interviews and discussions on animation websites.   These all help to add bring background context and credits to the catalogue as well as uncovering many interesting collaborations along the way and I will elaborate more on this in a future blog post.  But what of the more obscure titles?  Without the film, it is harder to know the contents. 

Here an initial search into the boxes can sometimes find the answers, working out themes from the animation cels themselves, the scripts, storyboards, dope sheets and sketches.  A rummage through “And So To Bed” revealed Rob Brydon as the narrator (he also worked on another Godfrey title “Millennium”, a light-hearted gallop through a thousand years of British history, condensed into a musical cartoon. Shown on Channel 4.), and the synopsis for this story based on an Alan Bennett type character proved rather interesting.  The script is by Stan Hayward who also wrote Henry’s Cat.  The yellow feline manages to make a special guest appearance here too:


Below is an extract from the Script.  You can email us if you want to find out more!

Monday 27th August

Had prunes for breakfast.  Very nice except for the pips.  Funny thing!  My old clock stopped at exactly 2.30pm which by strange coincidence was the same time as my last dental appointment.  There is more to life than we can possibly know.

Tuesday 28th August

Found I had run out of sugar.  Had to put marmalade in my tea instead.  Not bad really.  On my way to work a beautiful girl threw herself at my feet declaring undying love for me.  Unfortunately I was already a bit late for work so could not stop for a chat with her.  Helped Mrs Wooster fix her fence, her leg is much better now after being bitten by a duck.

Sunday 2nd September

Had quite a surprise when I went out this morning.  A basket with a baby in it was on the doorstep with a note saying “please look after my little girl Nicola.”  Unfortunately I am using my spare room for my collection of dog collars.  I gave the basket to the milkman who said he could get free milk for the baby.  Rather convenient I thought.  Went to bed early and watched cartoons on the television.  Some are very clever.  I don’t know how they think them up. (man seen watching Henry’s Cat). Found my hot water bottle was leaking.  Thoughtfully I’m wearing my wellington boots in bed tonight.  Sad news.  Mrs Wooster was bitten by an armadillo.

(Switches off bedside light)

11.15pm My bed broke.


Director: Bob Godfrey

Voice over:  Rob Brydon

Script: Stan Hayward

Music: Roland Lee

Layouts: Oliver Brown

Animation: Kevin Baldwin.  Oliver Brown

Background: Bob Godfrey

Production: Mike Hayes