Stuart Hilton Animation/Digital Screen Art: 6 weeks in June

This post highlights the Stuart Hilton ‘6 weeks in June’ Digital Screen Art/Animation experimental documentary  artwork (black and white drawings in a flipbook) of which is held by the University for the Creative Arts.

The documentary is an road animation of 11000 miles around the USA in six weeks in the back of a van with a band, a pen, and a stack of paper created in 1996

See the film here 

Articles on ‘6 weeks in June’ can be found here: ‘ the images are black and white line doodle drawings by the author which were drawn on A6 papers on the journey. The flickering of the images (the visual is transformed every 1 or 2 frames) is unrecognizable and is condensed into extreme fragmentation which illustrates ‘an animated example of the subjective, autobiographical strain in experimental documentary’ (Lily Husbands, 2011)’




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