Survey: Artists using Animation Archives

This survey is for looking at how artists, and researchers, use archives, specifically animation archives , and how archives can make themselves more accessible and useable by artists, and researchers.

Please find the Survey here

If this research is publicised, we will anonymise individual names. Organisations will be listed in acknowledgements/participants, but will not be linked directly to the survey results

 Bob Godfrey logo 001resizeCelebrity in the style of Bob Godfrey


May Rare Book of the Month: Artist Book remake on Jekyll and Hyde

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, illustrated and cut by Joanna Robson, Number 14 of 50, 2013.
This is a laser cut artist’s book depicting scenes from Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella of the same name.
The illustrations of buildings are based on the author’s home town of Edinburgh, and the detailed silhouettes she has created evoke the dark atmosphere of late nineteenth century London.

The story of Dr Jekyll, and his sinister alter-ego, Mr Hyde, gained immediate popularity when it was published in 1886. Readers were gripped by the struggle between two opposing forces within the same being. This is perfectly shown in the contrast between dark and light when the book is viewed with backlighting, adding an extra dimension of shadow.

Dr Jekyll and dr hyde

The book would be of particular interest to Graphic Design students, and is available in the Epsom Special Collection.Joanna Robson’s blog is here, She has another example of a laser cut book there, Dracula’s Crossing:
Image used with permission from the author

Reviewed by Gaye Williams, Advisor (Epsom Library)

Access this at UCA Epsom Library

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Siddig El’Nigoumi: combining cultures exhibition at Farnham Museum

Nigoumi: combining cultures exhibition 

Farnham Museum is holding a exhibition of the ceramicist work of former lecturer Siddig El’Nigoumi of the West Surrey College of Art and Design. For Siddig El Nigoumi (1931-1996), his African, Sudanese and British cultural influences were extremely important in creating an identity for his ceramics. Siddig created clay canvasses in the form of dishes, pots and animal figurines, and made popular the use of traditional African pottery techniques within British studio ceramics.

UCA holds the records of the West Surrey College of Art and Design and you can find more about him in our information bulletins

Siddig El Nigoumi


The exhibition explores the life and influences of Siddig El’Nigoumi, a Sudanese ceramicist who made Farnham his home. Nigoumi popularised the use of traditional African pottery techniques within British studio ceramics during the 1970s, his work is infused with African, Arabic and British influences. It is being held between Tuesday 18th March – Saturday 28th June 2014

Find more information about the museum, including directions and opening times here

You can find books on African ceramics in UCA Library here

There is also a talk by UCA lecturer, Professor of Ceramics, Magdelene Odundo on the 27th May

Latest catalogue entries for the Bob Godfrey collection


You can see the latest catalogue entries for the Bob Godfrey collection here

Highlights include preliminary entries for his oscar winning film Great and popular children’s animation Henry’s Cat.  A diverse range of other subjects are covered such as misogyny and sexual humour in Biowoman and Dream Doll, envionmental issues in Dirty Rat Tales and gentle humour Alan Bennett style in And So To Bed (see my blog post about And So To Bed here).

The catalogue includes a useful glossary of animation terms. Keep a look out for further updates in the future as the catalogue grows!