Stolen Glances: Reinterpreting the Archive

In a collaboration with Beige Magazine, and UCA Fashion Promotion first year Fashion students have responded to Photographic Archive of LGBT 1980s/1990s Photographer Tessa Boffin, specialising in sex and sexual fantasy and the first British lesbian to do work into AIDS as early as the 1980s.


‘Beige is a free quarterly Culture, Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle magazine that delivers passionate, creative and complete coverage to the LGBT community and beyond. Beige balances creative editorial with useful and insightful lifestyle solutions. Each issue contains in-depth travel features, character interviews, extensive cultural coverage and original fashion editorial. Beige gives its readers defined and diverse sections in which to explore and embrace their world. Our goal is to empower the multi-facetted modern LGBT market in their search for enlightenment and entertainment. As a LGBT magazine Beige supports aspiring journalists, artists, and designers from our own community but also looks beyond for fresh blood and talent. Beige strives to seek out new and exciting ideas and experiences. To pay homage to what has been before and find inspiration for the future.’


For the brief Fashion Promotion students responded to the archive, creating their own interpretation of the project work, both written and visual. One exceptional students work will be in print for the Beige issue 09, and 11 other students work will be featured online. For further information on the project, see here


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