Free Creativity Residency Workshops, 22nd-26th September 2014: Artist in the Animation Archives

Creative Residency


Location: University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, Surrey in the Animation Archive, G193

Dates: 22nd September -26th September

Details of dates/times and further information can be found here


The residency, led by Sonia Friel, will be held at UCA, within the Animation Archive, which includes the animation works of Bob Godfrey, Britain’s first Oscar winning animator. Sonia Friel is undertaking an AHRC funded PhD at Norwich University of the Arts relating to animation that explores representations of the fragmented body in the work of Jan Švankmajer and the Quay brothers.

The residency will consist of a series of workshops, talks, archive development sessions (including processes of animation cataloguing) and a film screening of Jan Švankmajer’s surrealist work, Surviving Life: Theory and Practice (2010)

Workshops include ‘Wünderkammer’ where the archive will be investigated to creatively build an electronic collection of texts and images into a digital ‘Wünderkammer’ or ‘cabinet of curiosities’ and ‘Surrealist Games’, where the workshop will replicate a selection of games using materials from the Animation Archive


The workshops are free, but booking is necessary due to limited space. To book a session to attend please email Rebekah Taylor on


Date Event
22nd September 9:30-12:0013:00-16:00 Archive developmentWünderkammer
23rd September 10:00-13:0014:00-16:00 Surrealist games                             Surrealist games
24th September   10:00-13:0014:00-17:00 WünderkammerArchive development
25th September   9:30-12:0013:00-16:00


Archive developmentSurrealist games

Film screening

26th September 9:30-12:0013:00-14:00 Archive developmentLunchtime lecture

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