Sadly, all good things must come to an end.  This is the last of my daily posts from my Creative Residency at UCA Farnham, and marks the end of a fantastic week.  My one regret is that I’m not able to stay here longer, but all is not lost – Rebekah and I are already talking about ways in which we can continue to collaborate in the future. Today I’ve been trying to wrap up the last few things that I had on my list to do this week.  This morning I wrote a transcript for a ten minute screencast on Wunderkammern and collecting, which I then recorded this afternoon.  The end product should be on the UCA archive blog at some point; it’s a highly condensed version of some of the issues I talked with students about on Monday and Wednesday, and will hopefully get students thinking about their own motivations for collecting.  Asides from that, I’ve been finishing off my blog posts and cataloguing, and saying my goodbyes.  How sad.

This week has absolutely FLOWN by.  As I didn’t have the time in the end to record more screencasts, I’ve decided to complete another one or two this weekend (I’ve got lots of ideas and need to commit some to mp4 before they vanish!)  Rebekah’s keen for me to come back up at some point in the not-too-distant-future, too, so hopefully there’ll be an opportunity for me to help her with a bit more cataloguing then as well.  It’s also great to know that I can come back here in the future to conduct my own research.  There are already a few things I’ve earmarked (Fatty Doggy, don’t worry – you’re first on the list).

I’ve had a wonderful time here in the archive this week – indeed, here at UCA.  Rebekah is a fantastic, passionate archivist, and I’ve been able to learn a lot from her.  We’ve also had heaps of fun working together – I’ve been totally spoilt with cake and laughter – and I’m sure we definitely going to keep in close contact with one another going forwards.  So, thanks so much for having me, Rebekah.

I’ve been made to feel so welcome by every single person that I’ve been introduced to, and I feel as though I’ve learnt and achieved so much over the course of this one week (why can’t every week be this productive, eh?)  So, yeah, it’s definitely been a Good Thing to Get Involved With and I feel very lucky indeed.

And with that, I think I’ll be off for my farewell drink and my last goodbyes.

Bye UCA, bye lovely archive, and hope to see you soon!


Rebekah and I taking a 'shelfie'.  Good times!

Rebekah and I taking a ‘shelfie’. Good times!


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