Re-thinking The Body

Library and Student Services Archives & Special Collections invite applications from UCA students to participate in a research project leading to an exhibition in the Elaine Thomas Library.  Re-thinking the Body coincides with Disability Month (November 2015) and aims to explore different ways in which disability as physical and mental manifestations have been represented and (mis)understood in society and culture.
Entrants are expected to take an innovative approach in working with and respond to LSS’s extensive archives which date back to the 19th century and comprise sound, video, acetate, photography and paper documents.
Poster design from the Working Press

Poster design from the Working Press

The archive includes different collections – work by artists, such as, the Tessa Boffin photography archive which explores stereotype and stigma (1980s/90s), and the Working Press archive (1980s/90s), a key publishing venture which supported working class writers and marginalised groups in being published.

Participants will be introduced to material available in the archives. They will choose an item, or items, from the archives, and explore ways to respond creatively to or reinterpret that item. To see the material (digital or physical), please contact Rebekah Taylor at
Artworks produced should have an imaginative response to the project’s theme and resources within the Archives & Special Collections. Resulting works can be produced in a variety of media including drawing, painting, photography, film and sculpture.
Deadline for participation: 14/10/2015
Deadline for submission: 26/10/2015
The exhibition will take place in Elaine Thomas Library 1 November -1 December 2015 and is scheduled to coincide with Disability History Month.
Submission:  Rebekah Taylor at (submission form attached)

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