Re-mixing archives at UCA

I did a short session with BA Media Communication students for their project , which is to explore remix culture, and to create a remixed video.

Remix can be described as utilising already existing material, such as found footage, old images and remixing/’mashing’ them together – archival images out there (copyright permitting of course!), are ideal to utilise.

Why remix? Why remix with archives? Archives allow you to re-imagine historical events through different perspectives, highlight the voices of those marginalised, such as Zoe Leonard’s and Cheryl Dunye’s fictional character Fae Richards, African-American actress born in the early 20th century¬†

Re-mixing archives allow you to explore areas such as nostalgia – looking at new build up of towns/previous landscape, or comparing different areas landscape in art schools.

Remixing archives can provide contemporary spins and twists on the archive – particularly useful for Creative Writing for example how would a personality of a Anarchist in the 1980s react to political issues today?

Take a look at some of our images for remix here


Rebekah Taylor, Archivist

Canterbury archive

Faith Cannon, remixing archives of UCA’s art schools


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