Artwork from Canterbury archives

Below is the blog post by Faith Cannon, volunteer, who has been working with archives

Faith Cannon
B .A. Honours Fine Art, UCA Canterbury
Artist in-residence for the Archives
Since using the archives as a resource it has greatly opened my eyes to possibilities that are at our fingertips. As we develop as artisans we need to experiment and find the areas which fulfil us personally. So research is always needed within your chosen field. The archives can aid that research but we often look at the famous artisans rather than the more obscure. Perhaps that’s because we want to please others during our studies rather than ourselves. I have found that there are so many less well known people that show great understanding in their chosen field. So please take a look!
During this year I have photographed many of the archival boxes which I hope will be online for you to see. After doing this I decided to collaborate with others from my cohort to map out ways to promote the use of the archives, we came up with some great ideas and hope to develop these further within UCA.
I decided to make artwork from one of the resources in the archive. I chose a 1990 catalogue from a sculpture exhibition. I followed my own practice of connection to see if there would be artists I knew who had shown work in this exhibition and yes there were.


These are but a few of the artists which exhibited at Canterbury. The archives show you the process that they went through to bring this exhibition together. I asked one of the artists what they remembered of this exhibition and he said “it was a large exhibition which was aided by many institutions around Canterbury and he suggested that perhaps we should do this again as an exhibition for the future!”
This drew me to focus on sculpture and how the 2D form of drawing is the beginning of ideas and develops into the 3D sculpture. I experimented with processes and materials from sketching, painting, carving, weaving to manipulating digital images. I found that this fed my experiential learning which drives my practice.
This display I hope evokes the possibilities of using the archives! So have a go!! for further information or Rebekah Taylor, Archivist or the Librarians.


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