Artists’ Books at Canterbury- Toasty Cats Number 4 – The Creature Issue

Canterbury has a superb collection of Artists’ Books and Zines of varying sizes, shapes and formats. This is the first of many posts which will examine individual items within the collection to showcase the cornucopia of works available.

Toasty Cats Number 4 – The Creature Issue (2005)

Artist’s books BOR

Toasty Cats, a zine by illustrator Magda Boreysza. Magda’s work plays with very delicate and intricate lines juxtaposed with quite hideous yet beautifully creepy creatures she has created. Her zine contains the comic ‘The Seed, Part 3’, following the life of two young girls and their dog Cora. Although there is little backstory to the comic (the stories can be found in previous editions) an uneasy atmosphere is developed through the sketchy rough lines, whispering shadows hidden in the mirrors of pages and watchful eyes glancing back at the reader. A delightful and enticing read.

You can find more of her work at:


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