Rare Books at Canterbury

The Canterbury Rare Book Collection, offers the opportunity to explore rare and unique publications.

The focus for this blog is a large boxed folio of text and colour plates of Nicolas de Staél, text by R.V. Gindertael / translated from the French by F. McFarland and published by Methuen in 1961, Cat. No.2/6601/1.


The text on Nicholas de Staél, considers the development of his work. From the period of his painting known as the ‘epoque elue’ where  he combines fusion of the visionary and physical worlds with the essential properties of medium. The text considers the importance of the tactile impressions created by medium which stay throughout his de Staél’s work. Through interrogation of the artists composition, the artist’s beliefs are also examined.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES“I need to feel the presence of life all around me, and to grasp it in its entirety, as I feel it…”            De Staél

Roger Van Gindertael, who created the text in this publication was a Belgian painter of Expressionist landscapes and figures.  He was also the co-founder of the art magazine ‘Hélianthe’ and jointly on ‘La Nervie’. He eventually abandoned painting to become an art critic of the post-war Abstract movement.


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