Artist’s books RAE.

Perverted Science (2004)

Rae, Andrew.

Perverted Science started out as flyers advertising a club night of the same name in Shoreditch back in 2004. Produced monthly over four years to advertise for the nightclub before being turned into a book. The posters tell out a small, subtle narrative, of scientists creating a moose-beaver hybrid known as a ‘Meaver’. The purpose of using the ‘Meaver’ was used to represent the fusion and variety of music played at the club, cleverly Andrew’s subtle narrative creates an entire story to the ‘Meaver’ and how it came to be.

Andrew Rae’s work uses a mixture of illustration and photography. Within the book, he creates fake news articles and photographic sightings of the ‘Meaver’ and it’s thirst for blood.

You can find more on Andrew Rae’s work here:

and on his Twitter:


Perverted Science_1

Perverted ScienceRae, Andrew. (2004). 

Perverted Science_2

Perverted ScienceRae, Andrew. (2004). 













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