The Archives and Special Collections Project: Aims and Objectives

School of Architecture Prospectus, 1962

The University for Creative Arts has started a project to make accessible and promote their archives and special collections. The University for Creative Arts is made up of five campuses, Maidstone, Farnham, Rochester, Canterbury, and Epsom, and has been providing a specialised curriculum in creative arts for students since Victorian times.

The collections include the university’s institutional records, including prospectuses, degree catalogues and exhibitions, press cuttings, and minutes, and document issues within the creative arts, including perceptions towards the subjects, the changing nature of courses, and different trends. Also included is the notable archive of Tessa Boffin (1980s-1990s), a photographer, and former lecturer at the university who specialised in LGBT issues, and sex and fantasy. Her archive is an illuminating snapshot into how LGBT issues was perceived in the 1980s, and also includes the perception of AIDS

This blog aims to highlight progress in the project, including  progress in cataloguing, preservation and collection policies, and development of a new Archives and Special collections section of the website, including subject guides, a rare book and archive of the month, and online exhibitions. Events and news, including physical and online exhibitions, will also be recorded.

Canterbury Architectural Students’ Association Magazine, 1949


Rebekah Taylor, Archivist & Special Collections Officer