Last week marked the end of the Building a Better World Exhibition in the Elaine Thomas Library at UCA Farnham campus. An event was held on Thursday 3rd November bringing together students who took part in Stefan Szczelkun’s creative residency with bookRoom around the Working Press Archive, books by and about working class artists 1986-1996 which is housed in the UCA Archive. Stefan hosted Agit Disco in which he played records which have inspired and influenced him politically. Students were invited to bring records to the event which had inspired them politically and to explain the reasons for their choice of track.


In addition bookRoom took part in London’s annual Small Publishers Fair on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th November to launch the bookRoom publication RISE WITH YOUR CLASS NOT FROM IT. Details about the publication can be found here.


Building A Better World Exhibition

We are excited to announce the start of the Building A Better World Exhibition today 22nd September – 6th November 2016 in the Elaine Thomas Library, UCA Farnham.


Back in May 2016 the Archive collaborated with bookRoom on the creative residency of Stefan Szczelkun, creator of the Working Press, books by and about Working Class Artists, 1986-1996 whose archive is housed within UCA Archive and Special Collections.  This exhibition brings together the work of students in response to that creative residency.


Democracy In The Kitchen, Annie Haggarty and Elodie Duncan-Duplain


Story, Oriyomi Oladunjoye

The exhibition includes photographs, collages, videos and performance produced by students who explored identity, politics (class, gender, diversity, disability) from personal, historical and current perspective under the guidance of Stefan Szczelkun, archivist Rebekah Taylor and curator of the project Emmanuelle Waeckerlé.


5 Blog Posts, Susan Merrick


The exhibition includes books and pamphlets from the Working Press Archive which inspired the students work and a new bookRoom press publication “Rise With Your Class, Not From It.”

Microsoft Word - RISE PR.docx

We hope to see you at the exhibition soon.

Carryl Church, Assistant Archivist