It’ll Be Puntastic… Archive Caption Competition!

UCA Archives are launching a monthly competition to find the best captions, or six word stories (see here for examples

We will be launching an external one (including alumni, but internal UCA staff and students are welcome to join in!) and internal, which will be distributed around staff and students

Each month 2 images will be selected from our art school archives – the best caption will be invited to have a tour around the archive and some coffee/cake/chocolate (the food will take place away from the archives!). Either that or let us know if you are interested in any particular parts of our art school heritage and our other collections, and (copyright permitting!) we’ll see if we can digitise that for you!

To enter simply put a comment on our flickr comments – we will announce the best caption via the comment, with our email contact and on our Twitter page at @uca_ae

We will feature several captions at the end of the month in a blog post-if you don’t want your name mentioned, let us know!

Images this month are…

A very beardy student union! Click here to add your comment. Our pitiful entry ‘I like big beards, and I cannot lie’Student Union 


What’s that in the trees? Spider man on a budget this year? Staff and students of Fashion in the 1970s! Click here to add your comment

Fashion and clothing department


Look forward to the captions! Contact your friendly archivists on