Artists’ Books at Canterbury. The Present is not a Purgatory. Diary comics from 2008 – James Nash (2008 – 2009)

Artists’ Books NAS

Nash, James.

The Present is not a Purgatory. Diary comics from 2008.

Each day is different for everyone, James Nash documents his day-to-day life using three panel comics. The whole comic is a year long starting from January 2008 and ending in January 2009.  Each day shows a brief snapshot of his life at the time. From working in a bank, moving to London, skating with his friends, trips out and other various activities. Throughout the comic a rather poignant underlying aspect of James’ life emerges, his anxiety and depression. James addresses these issues to his readers bluntly and honestly.

James Nash, The Present is not a Purgatory. Diary comics from 2008 (2008 – 2009). Artists’ Books NAS

Artists’ Books at Canterbury. Lonely Robot – Aisling Marray (2009).

Lonely Robot – Aisling Marray

Artists’ Books MAR

Created by Aisling Marray in 2009 after the Foundation trip to Amsterdam. A concertina style zine with each page becoming a different location. The zine follows a robot wandering around the streets of Amsterdam, exploring and discovering new people and places. The zine allows the reader to experience robot vision by putting on a handmade pair of 3-D glasses. Also included in the zine is a chocolate bar to keep your energy up whilst you wander through Amsterdam.


Aisling Marray, Lonely Robot (2009). Artists’ Books MAR.



Artists Books at Canterbury. Happy Travellers -Artists Book MIY.

Happy Travellers (2009)

Chie Miyazaki & Soju Tanaka

Artists Books MIY

A rather sweet and delicate artists’ book with subtle watercolour illustrations of some jovial characters who are travelling. They travel by unconventional means; tortoise, unicycle, cable car, ship and hot air balloon. With each page there’s a variety of bright characters, some hiding in the pages, encouraging the viewer to look a little bit longer at the pages to spot each character.

Find more of their work here:


Happy Travellers, 2009, Chie Miyazaki & Soju Tanaka.


Happy Travellers, 2009, Chie Miyazaki & Soju Tanaka.


Happy Travellers, 2009, Chie Miyazaki & Soju Tanaka.

New Fanzines at Epsom

zine zine3 zine4 fashion-as-sculpture

We have an exciting addition to the Epsom Archive at UCA – a large selection of student zines. For the Visual Communication brief, the Graphic Design students were set the task of creating a fanzine (a nonprofessional and nonofficial publication produced by fans of a particular cultural phenomenon for the pleasure of others who share their interest). This brief was given a fashion biased and students could choose from the following themes:

Sustainable fashion

Music and Subculture

Art and Fashion




Concept stores

Fashion and Architecture



Taste and kitsch




The fanzines are incredibly varied considering the guidelines of each having 20 pages, a 250-word limit and the use of three colours. They are a great resource for anyone researching zines.