Our Archives And Collections

Our archives and collections include:

The Bob Godfrey Archive: The Bob Godfrey Archive evidences the remarkable career of this internationally celebrated animator, who founded the Animation programme at UCA Farnham in the 1970s (formerly West Surrey College of Art). It comprises of over 400 boxes of original artwork and artifacts, along with the Studio’s collection of books and DVD copies of his films.

Bob Godfrey Obituary

Bon Godfrey

Working Press Publishers, books by working class artists, 1986-1997:

The Working Press self published book collection was initiated by Stefan Szczelkun , and Graham Harwood

Stefan’s experience of being Polish in Brixton Artists Collective from 1983 – 1987 led him to think about his other identity – that of being working class. He met Graham Harwood at the Bonnington Square Festival for Peace in 1985, who as well as producing vibrant paintings had worked as a graphic artist.

They decided to form a group of working class artists who wanted to self-publish books under a collective imprint. They published their first self-funded titles in 1987 and having managed to get get Central Books to be their distributor they achieved sales that were able to sustain further publications.

Stefan  invited almost every working class artist he met to self-publish, whether in written or graphic form. He has stated that while ‘few artists have the energy, self-confidence and multiple skills to self-publish… the open invitation seemed a good way of networking and validating artists’ work. They had informal meetings and also one formal day conference.

In the ten years from 1987 they published eighteen original titles. These included high profile names like Conrad Atkinson and others who have become well-known like Alison Marchant, Shaheen Merali and Matthew Fuller.

The Arts Council gave a grant to research the British Artists’ Book scene which was somewhat fragmented at that time. Stefan used the research and a conference to make the book artists aware of each other and to raise the profile of books by artists in the UK. This work was continued by Tanya Peixoto (BookArtBookshop) with her three Artists’ Book Yearbooks, and by Marcus Campbell with his annual Artist Book Fair; and into present time with Sarah Bodman’s work at UWE Bristol. Stefan  held out an open definition of ‘artists books’ which included such formats as Zines, ‘comix’ (sic) and polemical pamphlets circulating in England at the time.

Working Press 1994 conference poster

University Institutional and Art School Archives

Our institutional archives consists of records of the six art schools which started from the late Victorian period, Guildford, Farnham, Epsom and Ewell,  Maidstone, Canterbury and Rochester and their subsequent mergers of the West Surrey College of Art and Design, Kent Institute of Art and Design, Surrey Institute of Art and Design before becoming the University for the Creative Arts in 2008

You can access a video of our volunteer Eva talking about the exhibition gallery records here

Guildford School of Art Art Class, undated [1960s]

Guildford School of Art Art Class, undated [1960s]

Foundry Types

Foundry Types are one of the original independent type Foundries that started in 1989-1990, formed by Freda Sack and David Quay

Artwork we hold are concept design drawings developing new co-operate fonts for Nat West Bank.

Diagram Information Visual Limited

Diagram Visual Information is a cooperative group of designers, writers, artists and editors, founded in 1960 by Bruce Robertson, they produce graphic and text content to a wide range of publishers.

UCA has their original artwork, correspondence, and catalogue of books, showing the design process from beginning to end, and highlighting how graphic design was carried out from the 1960s

 Textile Sketchbooks

The Lynne (alias Edwina Rosalyn) Dennis Textile Sketchbook archive are textile sketchbooks created in the 1980s, by Lynne Dennis, a member of the Embroiders’ guild.

These textile sketchbooks, which also give examples of Jewellery making, show work in progress, including handwritten notes and textile samples. It includes inspirational material, such as photographs,  project work and assessments from City and Guilds Embroidery Studies

Tessa Boffin Archive

The Tessa Boffin Archive Catalogue can be accessed here on our online catalogue

Tessa Boffin was a lecturer in the photography department of the university until her death in 1992. She specialised in gay and lesbian culture and produced work in response to HIV/AIDS


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