RARE BOOKS AT CANTERBURY. Les Mots en Liberte Futuristes


Published in 1919,  this publication  was written and designed by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti,  1876-1944.


A poet, novelist, critic and founder of the Futurist Movement. This publication is an exploration in Futurist writing and typographic experimentation. A pioneering example of concrete poetry, the layout is dynamic and engaging.


The work written in French, contains four  fold-out diagrammatic works of art and plays with different typefaces throughout to create a composition of energy and expressive freedom.



Artists Books at Canterbury. Happy Travellers -Artists Book MIY.

Happy Travellers (2009)

Chie Miyazaki & Soju Tanaka

Artists Books MIY

A rather sweet and delicate artists’ book with subtle watercolour illustrations of some jovial characters who are travelling. They travel by unconventional means; tortoise, unicycle, cable car, ship and hot air balloon. With each page there’s a variety of bright characters, some hiding in the pages, encouraging the viewer to look a little bit longer at the pages to spot each character.

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Happy Travellers, 2009, Chie Miyazaki & Soju Tanaka.


Happy Travellers, 2009, Chie Miyazaki & Soju Tanaka.


Happy Travellers, 2009, Chie Miyazaki & Soju Tanaka.

Canterbury’s Artists’ Books to be on display in the Beaney Museum

Andy Malone’s altered The Observer’s Book of Eggs

The act of cutting turns a series of two dimensional images into free standing entities that can be read as flip books or static objects and where the content of the book can be seen at one glance

With the opening of the Beaney Museum on the 5th September 2012, Canterbury will have a permanent space to display their Artists’ Books. The selection of Artists’ Books will be changed every few months.

Definitions of Artists’ Books include that ‘Artists’ books refer not to literature about artists nor to sculptures constructed from books, but to works by visual artists that assume book form’ (Artspeak: a guide to contemporary ideas, movements and buzzwords p.48)

Canterbury’s Artist Books are fine art or illustrative in concept, demonstrating different forms of narrative or graphic expression, and includes books by artists’ and members of teaching staff donated and purchased by the library.

If interested in viewing more examples of Canterbury’s Artists Books up close these books have been catalogued on UCA’s Library Catalogue, and are available to use for reference in the library.

To access the website please see http://community.ucreative.ac.uk/article/25391/University-Library

See http://community.ucreative.ac.uk/index.cfm?articleid=37836 to access the Artist Books Catalogue

Canterbury also has a collection of rare book material, and their institutional archives. Further information can be seen http://community.ucreative.ac.uk/archives

For more information on Artists’ Books contact Canterbury at librarycant@ucreative.ac.uk