Videos on Understanding and Researching Archives Released

Videos and transcripts on understanding and researching archives have been released, as part of a series for researchers to understand how to approach archives and special collections. Issues with approaching archives, include that the word archive has many different definitions  to different people, and the structure of an archive catalogue, as opposed to a library catalogue may be hard to understand and search.

The webpage can be found here

The videos so far look at ‘What is an Archive’ and an archive catalogue structure – why can’t an archive be catalogued on a library catalogue?




Learning and Teaching in the archives: Case studies

Case studies of using archives & special collections in higher education and further education at the University for the Creative Arts have been released and are accessible here

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Long Live the Art School display

These include:

First Year BA CG Arts and Animation UCA Rochester (click here to access the case study) : A hands on workshop with the Archivist and Librarian, using the Bob Godfrey animation archive, discussing primary and secondary resources, and using archives for inspiration resulting in an exhibition

Second Year Photography (BA), Narrative Module, Rochester and Farnham (click here to access the case study/lesson plan and feedback): A workshop fitting the brief of the narrative module, comprising of presentations, group discussion and feedback and a hands-on workshop to follow the narrative brief, which included archival cataloguing and appraisal theory. Access the power point from the day by clicking here. Access the handout here

Further Education

FE Diploma in Art and Design, Canterbury, UNESCO-RLCCE’s / UNESCO-HK’s International “Arts for Peace” Festival (click here to access the case study)

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Learning and Teaching Resources Released

Learning and research resources from the Archives and Special Collections have been released here

So far these cover: feminism and women studies, politics, race, animals and art, LGBT, war and art, disability, 20th century art education, and art education protest.

We have subject specific sets including Animation, Photography, Graphic Design, Fashion, Architecture and Crafts, and images are also grouped in their specific archive or special collection, or by campus.


Learning and teaching resources screenshot


You can access our learning and teaching resources through our website

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This is a work in progress, so any feedback or requests for subject themes  would be much appreciated. Contact us at

Please note due to the copyright complications in art collections, it is not possible to put on all images online, but all effort is being made to trace copyright holders.