Free Creativity Residency Workshops, 22nd-26th September 2014: Artist in the Animation Archives

Creative Residency


Location: University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, Surrey in the Animation Archive, G193

Dates: 22nd September -26th September

Details of dates/times and further information can be found here


The residency, led by Sonia Friel, will be held at UCA, within the Animation Archive, which includes the animation works of Bob Godfrey, Britain’s first Oscar winning animator. Sonia Friel is undertaking an AHRC funded PhD at Norwich University of the Arts relating to animation that explores representations of the fragmented body in the work of Jan Švankmajer and the Quay brothers.

The residency will consist of a series of workshops, talks, archive development sessions (including processes of animation cataloguing) and a film screening of Jan Švankmajer’s surrealist work, Surviving Life: Theory and Practice (2010)

Workshops include ‘Wünderkammer’ where the archive will be investigated to creatively build an electronic collection of texts and images into a digital ‘Wünderkammer’ or ‘cabinet of curiosities’ and ‘Surrealist Games’, where the workshop will replicate a selection of games using materials from the Animation Archive


The workshops are free, but booking is necessary due to limited space. To book a session to attend please email Rebekah Taylor on


Date Event
22nd September 9:30-12:0013:00-16:00 Archive developmentWünderkammer
23rd September 10:00-13:0014:00-16:00 Surrealist games                             Surrealist games
24th September   10:00-13:0014:00-17:00 WünderkammerArchive development
25th September   9:30-12:0013:00-16:00


Archive developmentSurrealist games

Film screening

26th September 9:30-12:0013:00-14:00 Archive developmentLunchtime lecture

Daniel Greaves’ Flatworld: ‘It May Be Flat, but it sure isn’t boring’ (Telegraph 1997)

This weeks post shines the spotlight on Animator Daniel Greaves, Director of Flatworld, which follows flat cardboard and paper cut outs set in a 3D world called ‘Flatworld’

UCA hold storyboards, scripts, and artwork, including cardboard and photocopied cut outs of characters within flatworld

Flatworld follows Matt Phlatt, along with his pet cat Geoff and his fish Chips, where a freak electrical accident releases a 30’s gangster from his TV film into Matt’s world and causes chaos as Matt is mistaken for the criminal after a bank robbery.


A telegraph article on Daniel Greaves and flatworld is available here (23rd December 1997)

‘More than half the film is what Greaves describes as “two-and- a-half dimensional”. To achieve this, he used traditional stop-frame animation to move cardboard figures in a three-dimensional setting. It was a painstaking process. First, drawings of the characters were animated with 12 different images shot per second to check fluidity of movement. Then, every drawing was photocopied, pasted on to card, coloured and carefully cut out. Each card image was weighted at its base so it would stand upright. These images were then animated, with 12 different card drawings of the same character shot per second. All in all, the film used 40,000 different cardboard cut-outs. Filming the “Flipside” sequence was a piece of cake by comparison, involving traditional Disney techniques.’

Watch the animation here

‘From 1977 until 1980 [Daniel] studied animation at West Surrey College of Art. After graduating Daniel worked as a freelance animator at many London studios before founding Tandem Films with his business partner Nigel Pay in 1986. Daniel is Animation Director at Tandem Films. His short films have won over a hundred international film awards, including an Oscar for his film Manipulation. Other films include Family Tree, Flatworld, Rockin’ & Rollin’, Little Things, Beginning, Middle and End and Speechless. He is currently working on a stop-motion, Claymation film entitled Mr Plastimime’ Quoted from

The Animation Archive at UCA

Library and student services at UCA are pleased to announce their new management of the Animation Archive at UCA

The collection includes the Halas & Batchelor digital collection; the archive of the internationally renowned Animator, Bob Godfrey (who started the Animation course at the West Surrey College of Art and Design), including his Oscar winning production, Great, his children’s animation, Henry’s Cat and never before realised Animation, Such as Jumbo, The Elephant You’ll Never forget, ; and also the contemporary collections donated by Daniel Greaves (with artwork from the animation Simon’s Cat), Jo Wonder and Kristian Andrews.

With records such as storyboards, scripts, animation cels, and correspondence, providing an insight into the design process, the archive explores a wide range of themes such as gender, politics and satire (such as Margaret Thatcher, Where am I Now?, circa 1999, which was a collaborative project with Steve Bell the political cartoonist), propaganda, and sex and satire.

Please see our webpage for more information

The Bob Godfrey Archive